Introduction to international trade. Balance of payments and its adjustments. Foreign exchange market and its efficiency. Theory and practice of devaluation. International Financial Institutions and market. Functions, Features, Instruments, Structures, and performance. International Capital Flows, external debt and financing, portfolio and foreign direct investment

Study of portfolio selection and management. Risk and Returns. Potential profitability of various investments, forecasting returns on individual portfolios. Stock Exchange: Growth, Structure, performance in Nigeria. Capital Market theory, and current state of empirical evidence of Models for evaluation portfolio performance, Legal rights of investors; practice of corporate finance. The concept of Portfolio Theory and Management.  Portfolio constructions: Objective, approaches and management Portfolio Models: Markowitz Model, Sharpe index model, The Capital Assets Pricing Models (CAPM) and Arbitrage Pricing Theory for determining the cost of capital

The nature, scope and purpose of Financial Management; Sources and costs of short, medium – and long-term finance; sources and problems of new financing, capital budgeting; management of working capital. Analysis and interpretation of basic financial statements; business mergers and take-overs; determinants and implications of dividend policy, valuation of shares, assets and enterprises. Risks of Finance and methods of avoiding them. Banking systems and industrial finance, Mortgage Finance, Capital Structure of Nigerian firms..